As many of us grow to be a lot more knowledgeable with the advertising device the foods & beverage industries worldwide use to convey its message, we remain unaware of your true nature of many products we raise to our lips and allow to enter our bodies.
Soft drinks and energy drinks are one with the worst possible things we can put into our bodies... Think about this, do you know what nasty chemicalsPrincess dress they contain? Do you find it surprising that most people who are fighting health problems including all forms Princess dress of being overweight seem to consume products like these?
You may or not be conscious that the gut, thigh andTank Tops bum fattening substances such as sugar and artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (Code: 951) are among some with the biggest reasons people suffer from a myriad of health problems. If you took the time to investigate further, rather than worry about taste would you still be as naive? Would you allow your developing children to consume the carbonated cocktail that is worshiped by the masses that don't care about their health or their body?
My guess is I think not... and since you are reading this article I know that you do actually care about the health and appearance of not only yourself but all of your loved ones.
It is alarming to think that so many people have had the "Wool Pulled In excess of Their Eyes" into falsely believing that the word "DIET" or "ZERO" on carbonated drinks makes it good and even to the extent that if you drink it you may even lose weight!!! You may say this yourself or have heard someone say that they only drink "DIET" and "ZERO" because they are watching their body weight or think that's its great for losing body fat or even state proudly that they eat healthy and only drink diet varieties of carbonated drinks.
Its sad that we have to justify telling ourselves these things with a story that we think makes it OK, so lets set the record straight and put things into perspective... THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING THAT IS EVEN CLOSE TO BEING REMOTELY HEALTHY ABOUT DRINKING "DIET" OR "ZERO"VARIETIES OF YOUR FAVOURITE SOFT/CARBONATED DRINK!
There are even numerous studies out there that display the effects of these drinks on the human body and how they actually made the subjects fatter than those that consumed the non diet variety. Heck you may know someone who has done this or even have been the victim yourself.
Check out this information that included nearly 60,000 post-menopausal women who were followed for about 10 years. It found that drinking just two diet drinks a day can dramatically increase your risk of an early death from heart disease. The findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session in Washington, DC. As reported by the University of Iowa:
Compared to women who never or only rarely consume diet drinks, those who consume two or much more a day are 30 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event [heart attack or stroke] and 50 percent far more likely to die from related disease." And also this from Terri LaPoint, who wrote in her Inquisitr article:
"Ironically, the manufacturer of aspartame, Searle, started working on finding a drug to combat memory loss shortly after FDA approval for aspartame to be used in carbonated drinks. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. Even ants have sense enough to avoid it. Yet, diet drinks add this neurotoxic chemical as its sweetener, and they promote it as a heath food stuff to a public that naively puts its trust in the experts.
Then the manufacturers stand ready to offer you drugs to support you with your symptoms that they don't tell you are directly related to your diet sodas. It's a win-win situation for them, with the consumer as the loser. You don't shed pounds. You eliminate health. Drink water. Drink tea. Drink regular soda - anything but the diet sodas. You just might live longer." So you can see from the study and Terri LaPoint that we can actually be in worse shape thinking we are doing our bodies a good deed and taking the "DIET" or "ZERO" option.
Soft drinks are already so detrimental to your health and then we go add an even bigger chemical shit storm to the mix We just slip further down the unhealthy rabbit hole!! What bothers me the most is that we already know how bad the normal varieties of these drinks are yet we allow ourselves to be duped by the powerful advertising device techniques these companies use.